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Secrets to Social Media Marketing Success

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Бизнес Справочники
Разработчик Kurio Oy

Find out the secrets to Social Media Marketing Success - A Study of the
2014 Cannes Lions Winners

The Cannes Lions 2014 Winners were analyzed through a framework that
helps brands take full advantage of their social media marketing and
content marketing efforts. The Social Potential Framework helps brands
figure out which of the seven roles described in the framework fits best
and guides the brand managers and the creatives in designing more
successful content marketing.

633 Winners were analyzed from Cyber, Design, Direct Media, Mobile, PR,
Promo & activation, Titanium and Integrated categories. The analysis
describes how crucial a role social media plays in winning in these
categories and that appealing to people¹s altruistic and entertainment
seeking motivations seems to be the recipe for success.